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Zakaj slovenščina?

Slovenščina je jezik, ki ga govori več kot 2.500.000 Slovencev v Sloveniji, Italiji, Avstriji in Argentini. Slovenščina je južnoslovanski jezik (kot tudi srbščina, hrvaščina, bolgarščina, makedonščina). Slovenščina je romantičen jezik, saj ima poleg ednine in množine tudi dvojino (ko govorimo o dveh osebah). Za delo v Sloveniji moraš znati slovensko. Čeprav Slovenci radi govorimo s tujci v tujih jezikih, se bolj sproščeno pogovarjamo z vami v slovenščini.

Why slovene?

Slovenian is a language spoken by more than 2.5 million Slovenians in Slovenia, Italy, Austria and Argentina. Slovenian is a South Slavic language (like Serbian, Croatian, Macedonian, Bulgarian). Slovenian is romantic language because has beside the singular and the plural also the dual (speaking about two people). To work in Slovenia, you need to speak and write in Slovenian. Although Slovenians like to talk to foreigners in a foreign language (english, german, spanish, italian), we feel more comfortable talking with you in Slovenian.

Kaj se boste naučili?


- pogovarjati o potovanjih, družini, zabavah, nakupih

- pisati razglednice, SMS sporočila, e-maile in pravljice

- razumeti poročila, novice, filme 

- peti popularne slovenske pesmi 

- pravilno izgovarjati in naglaševati besede

- kupiti vozovnico, rezervirati sobo v hotelu, naročiti hrano v restavraciji, nakupovati na tržnici in veleblagovnici

- slovenski bonton in nenapisana pravila obnašanja

- razumeti različne slovenske dialekte in pogovorno slovenščino


Vsebina je prilagojena tečajnikom.

What you will learn?

- Talk about traveling, family, parties, shopping

- write postcards, SMS messages, e-mails and fairy tales

- Understand reports, news, movies

- Sing Slovenian popular songs

- Correctly pronounce words

- Buy a ticket, book a room at the hotel, order food in a restaurant, shopping at the market and the supermarket

- Slovenian manners and unwritten rules of behaviour

- Understand different dialects and spoken Slovenian 


Content is tailored for students

Vaši učitelji /Your teachers


*1 hour = 45 minutes

1. stopnja / 1st level  A1.1



  • 24th of February - 9th of April

       2x week Mondays and Thursdays 19:00 - 21:15

       40 hours   320 EUR + 20 book / handouts


3. stopnja / 3rd level  A2.1


  • 3th of February - 18th of May

       Mondays 17:30 - 19:45

       40 hours   320 EUR + 20 book / handouts


2. stopnja / 2nd level  A1.2

               MORNING LESSONS

  • 3th of March - 16th of June

      1x a week Tuesdays 11:00 - 13:15​

             EVENING LESSONS

  • 5th of March - 11th of June

       1x week Thursdays 19:00 - 21:15

       40 hours   320 EUR + 20 book / handouts


4. stopnja / 4th level  A2.2

               MORNING LESSONS

  • 6th of July - 23rd of July 

       everyday 9:00 - 11:15


       40 hours   320 EUR + 20 book / handouts


Priprava na izpit iz slovenščine
20 ur 180 EUR
40 ur 300 EUR
Konverzacija - Slovene conversation
If you want to use your Slovene  knowledge
torek 16:30 - 18:00
20 ur 180 EUR
40 ur 300 EUR
v živo / live
30 ur / hours* =  750 EUR
*you can pay in 4 instalments
on-line, skype
30 ur / hours* =  620 EUR
*you can pay in 4 instalments
Topics for Beginner Course
  • introduction and greetings
  • basic expressions
  • public transport and taxi
  • accommodation in a hostel, hotel
  • restaurant, coffeeshop, bar
  • different shops and the city
  • shopping food
  • shopping clothes
  • weather forecast
  • meeting with other people
  • opening hours, date, time
  • daily activities
  • talking about past activities
  • planning future activities
  • polite expressions
  • my home
  • nature: animals and plants
  • body and health
80 hours (2x 40 hours)
The content of the course will be adapted to needs of students.
If you have any preferences about the content, please let us know before the Course will start.
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By confirming the "submit", you agree to the terms and conditions. When we receive your online application, we will contact you regarding the schedule and start of the course.

When you confirm that you plan to attend the course, we will send you an pro forma invoice via e-mail, which you will pay by remittance at least 3 days before the start of the course, or come to our office in Ljubljana and pay by card. You can cancel the course no later than 3 business days before the start of the course, otherwise you are required to pay the amount for the course you have enrolled in. Your reservation for the course begins with the payment of a pro forma invoice. At the end of the course, you will receive an invoice for the service provided, and when you complete the degree you will also receive a certificate of participation.

Once the course is started you are not entitled to a refund if you are not coming to the course.

Prices are without VAT. Discount for natural persons who prepay before the start of the course is 22% (VAT).

The price of the course does not yet include material that varies by program, number of hours, course rate (approximate 20 EUR). 1 lesson lasts 45 minutes.


Invite your friends and get -20 EUR discount on your next course.

How to find us?


Tržaška 132, Ljubljana (Vič/Dolgi most)

By bus

Station: Dolgi most

Take the walk back towards the center almost to Petrol, turn left to the yellow building.


By car
Take the Tržaška road from the direction of the center and turn right at the traffic lights, where is Malgaj (selling cars), then take the priority road along the railway line and park near the cube-shaped light-blue building. In the afternoon, parking is free. Our building is yellow color with green doors.


From the ring road or from the direction Brezovica you drive to Tržaška cesta in the direction of the center then turn left at the first intersection at the traffic light (Malgaj selling cars), then take the priority road along the railway line and park near the cube-shaped light-blue building. In the afternoon, parking is free. Our building is yellow color with green doors.


We are located in a yellow building, in a business building on the 2nd floor - follow the signs.


Parking is free.

More videos of Slovene Course

Курсы словенского языка для русскоговорящих


Не говорите по-словенски? Не беспокойтесь, мы вас научим мигом!


В нашей языковой школе мы вас научим:

  • основам словенского языка для быстрой интеграции в словенскую среду (разговор, чтение и понимание)

  • основам грамматики

  • полезным фразам на каждый день

  • вы узнаете интересные факты о словенском языке и Словении.


  • Мы предлагаем групповые и индивидуальные курсы

  • Начало курсов позвоните на тел. 00386 40 638 171

  • Стоимость:

       300 евро - 40-часовой группового курса  

       780 евро - 30-часовой индивидуального курса

       600 евро - 30-часовой индивидуального SKYPE курса

Присоединяйтесь к нам!

Slovenščina za Ruse / Slovane

tečaj (курс) 40h 320 EUR

gradivo (материал) 20 EUR